Working as an entrepreneur means wearing many different hats, from marketing to sales to administrative tasks and financial management. Making your small business look professional means having the right branding that allows it to stand out from your competitors. It can be a challenge to be taken seriously if you don’t project an atmosphere of professionalism. A virtual office can provide services that create a business image, a dedicated receptionist, a business address, and mail forwarding that will allow you to compete with larger, more established companies.

Virtual Receptionists

Instead of having your clients call your personal cell phone, have them greeted by a professional receptionist. Your virtual receptionist can answer calls with your company’s name. The receptionist then connects the call to you while, placing your client on a brief hold with pleasant music or a custom recording of your company’s offerings. You are then connected to your client, giving them an excellent first impression. Your clients will never know that your call is being transferred to your home where you’re working with your dog at your kitchen table.

Co-Working Spaces

It can be isolating to work from home without the atmosphere of an office. While you can create an awesome home office space, there is nothing that can duplicate the experience of sharing ideas with co-workers, grabbing a coffee in the break room while chatting about the weather, or being surrounded by like-minded people who are making things happen. Co-working spaces are an inexpensive answer for people who want an office space without the commitment or expense of a dedicated desk or private office. Coworking membership plans can be by the day, week or month. With so many options, you can find the specific plan that meets your needs.

Private Offices

Imagine inviting your client to your professional office providing an impressive business image. As they enter the lobby, a professional receptionist greets them at the door, offering them a seat in the well appointed lobby. You come out to greet them, stopping to get them a cup of coffee from the office’s fully stocked kitchen. You escort them into your private office, outfitted with high-quality furnishings. Co-working spaces and private offices allow you to impress and wow your clients for a fraction of the cost of a long-term lease on a commercial space.

Virtual Address

Imagine having an office in multiple cities, Katy, Houston, and Los Angeles? With a virtual address, you can create an image of a high-end office across the country. Purchase two addresses and give the impression that your company has multiple offices. Add your address to your website, business cards and newsletters. Virtual addresses are great for service businesses that don’t need a physical location. Not only do they give you an impressive address, they allow you to receive mail and packages without the loss of privacy.

Benefits of Using a Virtual Office:


It can be cost prohibitive for most small businesses to rent a long-term commercial space. As your company grows, so will the cost of your office space. Virtual offices and co-working spaces offer an affordable alternative, in some cases, costing less than $250 a month.


Virtual offices and co-working spaces make it easy for you to scale your business. If you’re just starting out and low on cash, an affordable alternative is to have a virtual address and work from home. As you grow, you can invest in a co-working space where you drop in a few days a week. As your business gets larger, you can opt for a dedicated office, team space, or an entire suite for your company. Virtual offices, co-working, and executive suites grow with you.


Perhaps you are working on a huge project and only need an office space for a few months. Perhaps you are in town for a few weeks for a special event and simply need a place to work remotely. By opting for a virtual office or a co-working space, you can work when and where you want, as often as you want. Many offices are open late and on weekends, so you can work when you need to get work completed.

-Simple Set-Up

With a traditional office, it could take months of negotiations, contract signing and build out to have your office up and running. With virtual office spaces, you can sign up and start working immediately. All you have to do is choose your space, sign up and move in, sometimes in as little as a few days.


You can personalize your new office so that it is perfect for your business. Want a corner office or a suite overlooking the water? You can choose the right space that works. If you want to change your office configuration after a few months, you can do that as well. With virtual office space, the choice is yours.

When it comes to presenting a professional image that will impress your clients, a virtual office or mailbox or co-working space can help you. A virtual receptionist will answer the phone in your company’s name, while a virtual address will make your company stand out from all of your competitors. From high rise offices with plush, executive style furniture to funky and hip spaces in some of the most popular urban neighborhoods, there is a space to fit your company’s growing needs.