Modern Coworking Space in Katy, TX

Needing a more professional environment to hold meetings with employees and clients? Co-working may be right for you! Coworking is the modern approach to working in an office for telecommuters, independent contractors, and entrepreneurs. By fostering work independence and a shared office environment, coworking has become an excellent option for a variety of professionals from different fields to grow and develop their presence while minimizing office expenses.

When working by yourself at home or in a coffee shop, you don’t have the opportunity to interact with others around you. Coworking tends to bring together professionals who share the same values of independence and autonomy. The Hive Katy’s coworking space can provide interaction and networking opportunities with others who may mentor, inspire, and sometimes even challenge you.

The benefits of coworking office solutions have been available in Europe and Asia for over a decade and coworkers enjoy increased collaboration in a professional environment. Coworking spaces first appeared in the United States around 2005 and have been slowly catching on in popularity. Now, coworking is gaining momentum and is getting its well-deserved debut in Katy, Tx. The Hive Katy is the first coworking location in Katy, TX and we are cool! By joining The Hive Katy with our Next Level membership we can provide all your work and business needs to help you grow your business with access to high-speed internet, copy & mail services, comfortable office surroundings including conference room space and coffee bar access.

Shared Workspace With Open Seating & Dedicated Space.

Coworking Plans starting at $99/month!

» Tired of the distractions at your home office?
» Bored with only yourself to bounce ideas off of?
» Having a hard time finding and/or getting comfortable at the little tables at Starbucks?
» Conveying the appropriate image for your business with your meetings at Panera Bread?
» Needing a more professional environment to hold meetings with employees and clients?e#0

How Do I Choose The Proper Coworking Space?

There are many things to consider when choosing a place to call your work home. There are some helpful questions you can ask yourself to ensure you’re choosing the right space for your business. To find out more, visit our blog page and read our post about things you should know about your co-working space.
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